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MA Landlords and Marijuana

By November 15, 2012

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Landlords in Massachusetts are concerned that a new law could turn their rental properties into drug dens. The proposition, which was passed by Massachusetts voters, would allow 35 Medical Marijuana dispensaries to open in the state.

The real problem that landlords have with this law is the section that allows for certain individuals, such as those with financial hardship, to grow marijuana in their homes. Property owners are pleading to be exempt from renting to anyone who is allowed to home grow marijuana and want to prohibit marijuana from being grown in rental properties period.

Laws like these are unfair to landlords. The government requires property owners to protect the safety of their tenants and to maintain drug-free properties. How can a landlord maintain a drug-free property if they are being forced to rent to individuals whom the government is allowing to grow drugs in the property?

I truly hope that the Department of Public Health takes rental property owners into account when writing up the state rules for this law. If they want to allow for private growing in private homes, that is one thing, but they should never allow for private growing in public or shared housing. It would create huge liability issues for landlords.

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