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All About Flipping a Home

From the Pros and Cons to Important Renovations


Flipping a home has the potential to yield large profits, but be cautious because there are also many risks involved. Learn all about flipping a house, from the pros and cons to ways to increase the value of a property.

What Is Flipping a House?

A real estate flip is a popular type of property investment. The goal is to make a profit on a home or property that is undervalued in it's market. The home could be priced low due to the financial distress of the owner or it could be priced low because it is in need of renovations. Learn what a property flip involves as well as the types of properties that are common candidates for flipping.

Pros and Cons of Flipping a Property

Before you begin any property investment, you must educate yourself about the benefits and the risks. Knowing the pros and cons of flipping a property can help increase your chances of success because you will know what to look out for. Learn the benefits such as making a quick profit and increasing your network. Discover the risks like losing money and constant stress.

7 Types of Distressed Properties

Distressed properties can often be bought at a lower price, which makes them popular candidates for real estate flips. Short sales, foreclosures and properties in need of renovations are well known types of distressed properties, but there are other situations that can lead to distress in real estate. Learn the situations that can create motivated sellers and potentially allow you to get a great deal on a property.

Ways to Increase Property Value

Selling a home for a profit is the goal of a property flip. There are both low cost and higher end updates that can be done to increase the value of a property. The cost of these updates and the amount of value they will add to your home will differ depending on the materials used, the need to employ a contractor or other specialist, the quality of the work done and the location of your property.

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