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The ABC's of Property Investing

Learn Your ABC's Before Making an Investment to Ensure Long Term Success


Property investing is not right for everyone. It is a game of high risks and high rewards. Here are some things to consider before making an investment in real estate.

A: Assess Your Finances

Knowing your financial condition is an important first step before entering into the world of property investing. You will need to determine what money you can personally put into the investment property, if you will be able to obtain financing for the investment and from what source, and what kind of cushion you have if the investment fails or winds up costing more than you planned for.

B: Be Educated About Property Investing

Like anything else, the better prepared you are, the better your chances of succeeding. Reading books about real estate investing will help you understand the basic principles, goals, benefits and risks. Speaking to those already in the investing game will you give you important insight about real world property investing successes, failures and strategies.

C: Consider Your Personality Type

Before investing in property, you need to examine your personality to see if it would be the right fit for you. Property investors have an entrepreneurial mindset. They are usually go-getters who are not afraid of failure.

D: Develop a Plan Before Investing in Property

You will need to develop some sort of business plan. It does not have to be a formal business plan. The point of this plan is to get you to understand and consider all aspects of property investing so you can make your vision into a successful reality. This plan will help you outline your short term and long term goals, the costs involved, your target market and how you will handle daily management and operations.

E: Evaluate the Investment Property

Before purchasing any investment property, you must thoroughly evaluate it to make sure it is actually a good investment. You must evaluate the neighborhood, your own budget, the financials of the property, such as taxes and mortgage payment, and what repairs are needed.

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