1. Money

Getting Started as a Landlord or Property Investor


Beginning a career as a landlord or property investor can be overwhelming. Here are the basic tips, tricks and guidelines you need to follow to have success.
  1. Becoming a Landlord
  2. Buying a Property
  3. Screening Tenants
  4. Marketing Your Property
  5. Fair Housing

Becoming a Landlord

Learn the many roles a landlord plays. Learn the responsibilities a landlord has to their tenants, to their property, to their community and to themselves.

Buying a Property

Learn what you should do before you invest in real estate. Learn what makes real estate a great investment. Learn the different types of properties you can invest in.

Screening Tenants

Learn where to find tenants for your property. Learn how to select the right tenant, including how to properly run a credit check. Discover how the price of your rental can impact your ability to find a tenant.

Marketing Your Property

Learn how to make your property appeal to prospective tenants. Learn what to include in your "For Rent' ads. Learn what you should do when showing your property to increase your chances of getting it rented quickly.

Fair Housing

Learn the legal obligations a landlord has under the Fair Housing Act.

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