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How to Manage Your Investment- Tenants and Property


Learn how to maintain your property and keep your tenants happy. Learn the pros and cons of hiring an outside property manager. Discover the many tax deductions available to property investors and landlords.
  1. Managing Your Property
  2. Keeping Tenants
  3. Hiring Property Manager
  4. Tax Issues

Managing Your Property

Learn the tips and tricks that will make managing your property a breeze.

Keeping Tenants

Your goal is to avoid tenant turnover. Learn the ways to keep good tenants long term.

Hiring Property Manager

Many property investors decide to hire property managers to look after their investments. Learn the pros and cons of hiring a property manager and how to make sure you choose the best one for the job.

Tax Issues

Learn the ins and out of property investor tax deductions. Learn what you can deduct, what you can't deduct and what deductions will increase your chances of being audited.

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