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Tips to Prepare You in the Event of An Emergency

These tips will help landlords and property managers be prepared before an emergency strikes so that they will have the best possible outcome when dealing with the emergency. Learn everything from general procedures to state specific guidelines.

Fire Prevention Tips for Tenants
Landlords must educate their tenants on ways to prevent fires. Here are tips every tenant should follow.

How to Prepare for a Disaster
No one wants to imagine a disaster striking their area. However, it is better to be prepared for one that never comes, than it is to be caught off guard when one actually occurs. Here are tips to help landlords prepare for all types of disasters, from snowstorms to tornadoes.

Prepare Your Property for a Hurricane
Hurricanes are dangerous for people and for property. Learn what you can do to prepare your property in the event of a hurricane.

5 Things to Do After a Snowstorm
Snowstorms can cause property damage. Following the proper advice can help this damage from getting worse. Learn five things a landlord should do after a snowstorm hits.

How to Prepare for a Winter Storm
Winter storms can cause significant damage. Following some general tips can help minimize this damage. Learn how landlords can prepare.

Emergency Plan for Your Property
As a landlord, it is important to have an emergency plan in place to help protect property as well as tenants. It is best to have this plan in place well before a disaster strikes. Learn essential aspects of emergency preparation.

When to Call 911
Learn what conditions require an immediate call to 911.

What to Take When You Escape
You should have an emergency evacuation plan in place before an emergency occurs. Learn the essentials to take with you in the event of an emergency and how to reunite with family after the disaster.

Emergency Evacuation Plan
Your safety depends on proper planning. Make sure tenants have a copy of the floor plan and all emergency exits.

How to Stay Safe During a Power Failure
Tips to prepare your tenants in the event of a power failure. Learn about food and water safety. Learn the different procedures necessary to stay safe in the winter and summer.

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