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What Insurance Do You and Your Tenants Need

Learn the types of insurance you need to protect your property, as well as your liability, in case of an accident or disaster. Don't forget about your tenants. Learn what renters insurance is and why you should advise your tenants to purchase it.

Do Your Tenants Need Renter's Insurance?
Tenants need to be covered if there is an accident, theft or disaster at your property. Renter's insurance can offer this protection. Learn how it can benefit you and your tenant.

Types of Insurance for Landlords and Property Investors
Understanding what type and how much insurance coverage you need is as important to landlords and property investors as choosing the right property. Here are some common types.

Understanding Your Homeowners Insurance Policy
It is important to know and understand what your Homeowners Insurance Policy covers. It is usually divided into two parts, property protection and liability protection.

Homeowner's and Landlord Protector Policies
Learn the types of insurance every landlord and property owner should have.

Choosing Renter's Insurance
What is renter's insurance and how to choose the right policy.

Renter's Insurance FAQ
Get answers to commonly asked questions about renter's insurance. Why do I need renter's insurance? How much does renter's insurance cost?

Learn How the Proper Flood Insurance Can Protect You and Your Property
What does flood insurance cover? Who needs it? How much does it cost?

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