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Marketing Strategies for Landlords and Property Investors

An effective marketing strategy can be the difference between the success and failure of your business. Great products fail without great marketing, while fantastic marketing campaigns can turn horrible products into gold mines. Learn how to market yourself and your property.

How to Fill a Vacancy Quickly
There are some tricks every landlord can use to help quickly fill a vacancy at their rental property. Learn how.

What Do Families With Children Want in a Property?
Marketing your property to families with children means you must understand what they are looking for. Here are some of the wish list items families with children want in a home.

What Do Senior Citizens Want in a Property?
If you are trying to market your property to senior citizens, you have to understand what they want in a home. Here are some of the wish list items they are looking for.

Safety Tips When Showing Property
Safety should be a main concern for your when showing your property. Learn some tips to help protect yourself during a showing.

Safety Risks When Showing Property
As an investor, if you choose to show your own property, you must know the dangers involved. Here are some of the safety risks to be aware of.

Selling or Renting Your Property Without a Realtor
A Realtor can help you rent or sell your property quickly, but they are not always the right choice. Here are the pros and cons of showing your property without a Realtor.

15 Things to Include in Your 'For Rent' Ad
What you say in your 'For Rent' ad is just as important as what you don't say. Learn the 15 things to include and what you may want to leave out.

10 Amenities Tenants Look for in a Property
What makes a tenant choose one rental property over another? It all has to do with desirable amenities. Here are ten things tenants look for.

The Benefits of Advertising Your Rental Property Online
There are many different ways to advertise your rental. They all have different pros and cons. Here are the benefits of advertising your property online.

How to Place a 'For Rent' Ad on Craigslist
A great online site for advertising your rental is Craigslist. Here are the steps to take to place a free ad for your rental.

Dos and Don'ts of Advertising Your Rental on Craigslist
Don't make these mistakes when advertising your rental on Craigslist. Learn what you should be doing to attract the most interest to your ad.

How to Write a Newspaper Ad for Your Rental
If you want your rental to stand out in the classified section of the newspaper, there are certain things you should include in your ad. Learn how to write an interesting and informative ad.

How to Place a Classified Ad for Your Rental in the Newspaper
Newspapers are a great place to find tenants for your rental. Learn the proper way to place a classified ad in the newspaper.

How to Makeover Your Rental Property
If you are having trouble getting your property rented, poor property appeal may be to blame. However, there are steps you can take to make your property more eye-catching. These five simple and inexpensive strategies will teach you how to makeover your property and get it rented in no time.

Marketing Your Property Using the Sense of Smell
Our sense of smell is closely linked to our “emotional behavior and memory.” Certain smells bring us pleasant feelings while others sicken us. Learn how to use the sense of smell to give potential tenants a warm, fuzzy feeling about your property.

Marketing Your Property Using the Sense of Taste
You want to make potential tenants "hungry" for your property. From freshly baked cookies to home staging, learn how to attract potential tenants to your property using the sense of taste.

Marketing Your Property Using the Sense of Touch
When people enter your property, they will want to touch everything. Let them. The sense of touch allows potential tenants to get a feel for your property. Don't forget the importance of that first handshake. If they like you, it might favorably influence their view of the property.

Use the 5 Senses (Plus 1) to Attract Potential Tenants
Use the five senses to attract potential tenants to your property. Give them the opportunity to see, smell, hear, taste, and touch your property. Don't forget about the sense of temperature. Learn how this marketing approach can get your apartment rented quickly.

Websites to Advertise Apartments for Rent
Websites offer great ways to advertise your rental online. Learn where to post your apartments for rent.

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