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Helpful Sites and Information

A list of helpful sites, books, and resources for landlords and property investors.

Property Investor Profile- Donald Bren
Donald Bren is a real estate mogul worth more than 10 billion dollars. He has accumulated his wealth through property investing in California.

Property Investor Profile- Donald Trump
Donald Trump is a successful property investor in New York and internationally. His net worth is in the billions.

Real Estate Investment Club
This is one of the largest Real Estate Investment Associations in the country. Their site is a great source of articles, training tools and other resources for any real estate investor. The Real Estate Investment Club has local real estate divisions in all 50 states, Washington D.C. and Canada that hold meetings monthly.

Realty Times
This site has a lot of useful information for local real estate markets throughout the country. In addition, it has a wealth of news articles, general real estate market information for the country, financing information, and advice from both consumers and agents.

Wall Street Journal's Real Estate Section
This site provides information about real estate in the United States and throughout the World. Get the most up to date real estate news. Search for properties for sale, for rent, for auction or new developments. From single family homes to commercial developments, this site covers it all.

National Real Estate Investor
This site is geared more toward larger commercial real estate investors or those interested in buying apartment buildings. Focus includes office space, retail space, industrial properties, hotels, multifamily, mixed use properties, distressed properties, senior housing, and international properties. Offers news, advice and articles.

This site offers articles geared toward landlords and rental properties. It gives advice on everything from managing your business to evicting tenants.

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