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Learn How to Deal With Tenant Disputes and Evictions

Tenant disputes and evictions can be a source of stress for everyone involved. Protect yourself. Learn the proper way to terminate a lease, the step by step eviction process and how to deal with various other tenant problems and complaints.

What Is a Retaliatory Eviction?
When faced with a landlord-tenant conflict, you should never retaliate against your tenant. A retaliatory eviction is not legal.

What Is a Self-Help Eviction?
Evictions should be handled in the court system. Learn what a self-help eviction is and why it is illegal.

Handling Tenant Pest Complaints
It is important to handle a tenant complaint about pests correctly. You must act quickly and diligently to keep the tenant happy and to keep your property pest free.

Tips for Preventing a Bed Bug Infestation
No one wants to imagine a bed bug infestation in their home. Here are some tips for preventing bed bugs from getting into your property.

Signs of Bed Bugs
Bed bugs can be easy to spot if you know what to look for and where to look. Here are the signs that you may have bed bugs.

Tips for Tenants Who Have Bed Bugs
Once a tenant knows they have bed bugs, there are things they can do to keep the infestation from spreading. These tips can help tenants contain the problem.

5 Ways to Reduce Noise in Apartments
Your tenants do not want to deal with constant noise in their apartments. There are ways, however, that you can help reduce this noise and keep your tenants happy.

Dealing With Barking Dogs and Pet Odors
Tenants do not want to live in a property with constantly barking dogs and pet odors. Learn ways to keep the peace at your property by eradicating these noises and odors.

What if a Dog Bites a Tenant?
Would you know what to do if a dog bit one of your tenants? It can be a very stressful situation. Here's what you should do if your tenant becomes a victim of a dog bite.

Handling Tenant Complaints About Pets
Landlords must deal with many different tenant issues, including complaints about pets. Here are some things you can do to handle a complaint successfully.

How to Handle Tenant Complaints
Part of being a successful landlord is understanding how to handle tenant complaints. Learn how to handle some of the most common complaints. These tips can help reduce conflict, keep your tenants happy and keep your unit rented.

Handling a Tenant Maintenance Request
As a landlord, you will have to handle tenants' maintenance requests. Learn the steps you can take to make dealing with these requests easier.

Devise a Plan for Maintenance Requests
Maintenance issues are a part of owning rental property. Learn how to devise a plan to deal with the maintenance requests from your tenants.

Handling Tenant Complaints About Noise
A common tenant complaint is about noise. Learn how to handle it based on the source of the noise and the number of offenses.

Tips for Handling Tenant Complaints
Increase your chances of successfully handling tenant complaints. Learn the tips to help solve issues quickly and with minimal conflict. Every landlord will have to deal with tenant complaints. Here are some tips for handling these complaints successfully.

How to Handle a Security Deposit Dispute
Security deposit disputes are a regular occurrence between landlords and their tenants. Learn what to do if a tenant questions your right to keep their deposit.

5 Ways to Get a Tenant to Renew Their Lease
Learn five things you can do to keep your tenants happy and make them more likely to renew their lease.

What Is a Notice to Quit?
A Notice to Quit gives a tenant warning before you file for eviction. Learn what the proper steps are to serve this Notice.

5 More Reasons You Can Evict a Tenant
An eviction can allow a landlord to get rid of a problem tenant. Learn five more reasons a landlord can file for an eviction.

Reasons You Cannot Evict a Tenant
Even though a landlord owns a rental property, he or she cannot evict a tenant for any reason he or she pleases. Learn the situations where it is illegal to evict a tenant.

3 Common Eviction Mistakes
It is common for a landlord to make mistakes when attempting to evict a tenant. Learn what not to do during an eviction.

5 Reasons to Evict a Tenant
You must follow certain legal rules to evict a tenant. These rules include the reasons you can actually file for an eviction. Here are five common ones.

The Procedure for Evicting Tenants
Each state has strict rules and specific procedures that must be followed in order to evict a tenant.

Going to Court
Learn how to begin the eviction process at court, the proper forms and documentation you need to support your eviction filing and what each court appearance will entail.

What You Should Never Do
It is easy to get frustrated when dealing with difficult tenants, but there are some lines you should never cross. Learn what actions can land you, the landlord, in court.

Tenants Who Harass or Intimidate Neighbors
Learn the proper way to handle difficult tenants.

Incentives for Difficult Tenants
When dealing with difficult tenants, it is sometimes easier to offer them an incentive to move right away than to go through the lengthy eviction process.

Signs of Mice in Rental Property
Mice can be easy to spot if you know what to look for. Here are the signs that your rental property may also be home to mice.

Why Mice Are Problematic in Rental Properties
Rental properties are hotbeds for mice. There are a number of reasons why mice are so problematic.

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