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How To Fill Out Form W-4

Landlords & Property Investments: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Top 7 Responsibilities of a Property Manager
Many property owners hire property managers to manage their investment properties. Find out what a property manager is responsible for and how they can help you.
How Much Will Section 8 Pay Landlords?
As a landlords, Section 8 has its advantages and disadvantages. Learn how much Section 8 will pay for your unit.
The Legal Way to Raise the Rent for Month to...
Landlords are legally allowed to increase their tenants' monthly rent. Here is a sample of how to increase rent for month to month tenants.
10 Questions Landlords Should Always Ask...
Finding the right tenant is often about asking the right questions. Learn the 10 Essential Questions for Prospective Tenants.
5 Tips for Deciding What to Charge Renters
The right rent for your property will take into consideration demand and desire for the unit, as well as the ability to make a profit.
How to Place a 'For Rent' Ad on Craigslist
Craigslist is a great place to advertise your rental for free. Learn how to place your 'For Rent' ad and find tenants quickly.
7 Places to Buy Investment Property Online
Finding investment property for sale can be tricky. Here are seven websites that can make your search easier.
5 Reasons Landlords Can Keep Your Security...
A security deposit can offer you protection if a tenant becomes a problem. Here are five common reasons you can keep a tenant's security deposit.
Disadvantages of Renting to Section 8 Tenants
Finding the right tenant for your property is always a challenge. Learn the disadvantages of renting to a tenant with Section 8.
What Responsibilities Does a Landlord Have to...
A landlord has certain obligations to their tenants. Learn what a landlord is legally responsible for and what they should do in good faith.
9 Places to Advertise a Vacancy at Your Rental
To get your property rented quickly you need to advertise your rental vacancy in different places. Learn nine different ways to find tenants.
6 Obligations of Section 8 Landlords
The Section 8 program allows tenants to choose from eligible public housing units. Here are a landlord's obligations under Section 8.
Section 8- What Is Rent Reasonable?
To house a Section 8 tenant, your property must be considered rent reasonable. Learn how HUD and PHAs determine rent reasonableness.
What Do Improvements and Repairs Mean for Your...
It is important to understand the difference between improvements and repairs for tax purposes and for increasing the value of your investment.
Who Is Eligible to Receive Section 8 Housing?
There are certain qualifications you must meet to receive a housing choice voucher. Learn who is eligible for Section 8 assistance.
Section 8
Section 8 is a housing assistance program run by HUD. It provides housing vouchers to low-income individuals.
The Dos and Don'ts of Firing a Property Manager
If your property manager is not living up to expectations, you must terminate the management contract. Learn the dos and don'ts of firing a property manager.
Learn How to Verify a Prospective Tenant's...
To verify a tenant's employment, you may have to send their employer an Employment Verification Request Form. Here is a sample of one.
Learn How to Run a Credit Check on a Prospectiv...
Although you have heard the term, credit check, you may not fully understand what is in a credit check. Learn the information a credit check can provide about a prospective tenant.
5 Essential Clauses Every Landlord Must Have in...
The information included in most leases will vary, but every lease should have some basics. Make sure your agreement has these five parts.
5 More Reasons You Can Evict a Tenant
You must have a legal reason to evict a tenant. Here are five more situations which can allow you to legally part ways with your tenant.
Tenant Move Out Checklist- Tips for a Smooth...
A move out checklist helps to avoid confusion between landlord and tenant about the condition the apartment should be left in. Here is a sample.
What Is a Notice to Quit?
Before you can evict a tenant, you usually have to present them with a Notice to Quit. Find out what it is and why you need it.
3 Ways to Verify a Potential Tenant's Financial...
All landlords should verify a prospective tenant's income and employment as part of tenant screening. Here are the steps you should take.
15 Essentials to Make Your Rental Ad Complete
There are certain things a good rental ad always includes. Learn the 15 must-haves that will help fill your vacancy quickly.
6 Obligations of Section 8 Tenants
Tenants with housing choice vouchers have to follow certain rules. Here are a tenant's obligations under the Section 8 program.
Are You a Landlord? Here Are Tax Deductions You...
Landlords have many tax deductions they can take advantage of. Learn the common tax deductions that can help save you money.
How to Handle Noisy Neighbor Complaints
Dealing with a tenant complaining about noise is a common issue for landlords. Here's how to handle noise complaints.
Security Deposit Limits and Regulations for...
If you own rental property in Florida, you must follow certain laws relating to the security deposit. Learn what you can and cannot do.
Questions You Cannot Ask a Prospective Tenant
Be careful what you say when screening prospective tenants. There are certain questions you cannot ask. Learn which ones.
5 Reasons to Evict a Tenant
Sometimes a tenant does not work out and you need to file for an eviction. Learn five reasons you can evict a tenant.
Do You Have Bed Bugs?- Casings and 4 Other Signs
If you are afraid you have bed bugs, there are signs you can look for. Here are five ways to tell if you have bed bugs at your property.
The Landlord's Guide to Creating a Pet Policy
As a landlord, a comprehensive pet policy is essential to protect yourself and your tenants. Learn how to screen tenants with pets and the essential information your policy should include.
5 Benefits of Investing in an Income Property
Income property can be a very lucrative investment. Being your own boss, huge tax-write offs and rental income in your pocket are some of the benefits of property investing. Learn more.
5 Tips for Finding Rental Properties to Purchase
There are many different approaches when it comes to finding rental property. Learn five ways to discover these homes for sale.
The 4 Best Things About Renting to Section 8...
Renting out your investment property can be challenging. Learn four advantages of accepting Section 8 tenants at your rentals.
How to Find the Right Property Manager
Do you need to hire a property manager? Find out what you should consider before making your decision.
Looking for a Great Tenant?- 6 Factors to...
There are many things to consider when choosing a tenant for your rental. Here are six tips to help you pick the right one.
Top 7 Responsibilities of a Landlord
Being a landlord involves taking care of your property. Learn the legal responsibilities a landlord has to their investment.
5 General Obligations Every Landlord Must Follow
There are certain basic obligations that a landlord must fulfill under landlord tenant law. Learn five things a landlord must legally do.
Late Rent and Late Rent Fees
You must decide if you will charge tenants a fee for late rent payment. Here are tips for how landlords should handle late rent.
How to Increase Rent for Yearly Tenants
Landlords must follow certain rules to increase rent on tenants with yearly leases. This sample letter is a good example of what to include.
3 Common Eviction Mistakes
The process for evicting a tenant can be confusing. Here are three common eviction mistakes every landlord should avoid.
Dos and Don'ts of Advertising Your Rental on...
Craigslist is a great place to find tenants. Learn the dos and don'ts of advertising your rental there.
What Is the Fair Market Rent for Your Unit?
Fair market rent is a rent estimate that is calculated by HUD. It is used to determine voucher amounts for Section 8 housing.
Landlord's Checklist: Preparing for a New Tenant
Landlords must do certain things before a tenant moves in. Here is how to prepare for a new tenant at your rental property.
Security Deposit Limits and Regulations in New...
New York landlords must adhere to certain security deposit laws. Here are the basics for those who own rental property in New York.
5 Different Ways a Tenant Can Pay Their Rent
There are many ways to collect rent. The number of units you own and how far you live from your tenants may help you narrow down these five options.
How (and Why) to Collect a Security Deposit for...
Did you know there is a maximum amount you can charge tenants as a security deposit? Here are the basics for your rental.
Want to Be a Landlord? You Better Know These 5...
Before you become a landlord, you should understand some of the ups and downs a landlord faces. Here are some of the challenges and rewards.
9 Ways to Make Money in Real Estate
A single family home or a single family condo is a type of investment property. Find out the pros and cons of investing in single family property.
3 Important HUD Programs for Property Investors
HUD is responsible for enacting numerous housing programs across America. 3 of these HUD programs are essential for property investors to know and understand, here's why..
When Does a Landlord Have the Right to Enter a...
A landlord has the right to enter a tenant's unit under certain conditions. Learn when and why a landlord can access a rental.
3 Things to Consider Before Choosing Flooring...
There are many types of flooring to choose from when trying to renovate your investment property. These three tips can help you make the best choice.
6 Ways Tenants Can Get Rid of Bed Bugs
There are ways tenants can help get rid of bed bugs. Here are six tips landlords should pass along to their tenants to help keep them from spreading.
Sample Security Deposit Lease Clause
One of the most important clauses in your lease is the security deposit clause. Here is a sample of what it should include.
10 Amenities That Will Attract Tenants to Your...
Why do some rentals stay on the market for months? Get your property rented quickly by learning the amenities tenants look for.
How to Write a Newspaper Ad for Your Rental
A newspaper ad is a great way to advertise a vacancy at your property. Here's what you should include about your rental.
4 Questions to Help You Find a Great Property...
Finding the best property management for your investment is crucial. Here are four must ask questions when interviewing a property manager.
Landlord Checklist- 31 Ways to Prepare for a...
It can be stressful having a new tenant move into your rental property. This landlord checklist will help make sure you don’t miss any steps.
The Best Places to Advertise Your Apartment for...
Online is a great place to post your rental. Here are the best free and paid websites where you can advertise your apartments for rent.
Preparing for a Section 8 Inspection
Undergoing a property inspection is a part of having a Section 8 tenant. Here are the answers to some FAQs about Section 8 inspections.
6 Tips for Finding a Great Property Manager for...
Anyone can claim to be a property manager, but you need to protect your investment by knowing what to look for. Here are six tips for finding the best.
What Is a Lease?
You may have heard of a lease, or even signed one, but do you know what a lease actually is? Find out more about real estate leases.
How to Pass a Section 8 Inspection
To pass a Section 8 inspection, your unit must meet HUD's Housing Quality Standards. Learn what these standards involve.
Reasons You Cannot Evict a Tenant
Landlords and tenants both have legal rights under landlord-tenant law. Learn four reasons why a tenant cannot be evicted.
What Is a Landlord Responsible For?
Learn what a landlord's responsibilities are to their tenants, to their property, to themselves and to their community.
6 Ways Walk-Through Inspections Benefit...
A landlord should walk-through a tenant’s apartment prior to move-out. Learn six ways this inspection benefits landlords and tenants.
California Security Deposit Law
If you own rental property in California, you must follow certain laws relating to the security deposit. Learn what you can and cannot do.
Use This Rental Checklist to Document Property...
A rental checklist can help a landlord easily document the condition of a unit when a tenant moves in and when they move out. Here is a sample checklist.
8 Essential Resources for Screening Potential...
Do you have a comprehensive tenant screening process? Learn everything from placing 'for rent' ads to running credit checks.
Security Deposits- What Landlords and Tenants...
A security deposit is a sum of money a tenant agrees to pay a landlord prior to move-in. Learn what a landlord must do when collecting this deposit.
8 Basic Rights Tenants Are Entitled To
Tenants have a right to certain protections under landlord tenant law. Learn eight basics that these laws protect.
Quiet Property Means Happy Tenants: How to...
You don't have to deal with constant tenant complaints about noise because there are ways to reduce noise in apartments. Learn how.
6 Things to Look for in a Management Agreement
One of the most important aspects of hiring a property manager is making sure you understand the terms of the management agreement. Learn what to look for to make sure you are protected.
The Complete Guide to Property Managers
Everything you need to know about property managers. The complete guide: from
How to Spot Frozen Pipes Before They Burst
Frozen pipes are a serious problem. Here are some signs that can help you tell if the pipes at your property are frozen.
Should You Make Your Property Pet Friendly?
As a landlord, there are both pros and cons to consider when you allow your tenants to have pets. Once you understand these benefits and risks, you can decide if a pet friendly property is right for you.
3 Main Responsibilities of Tenants Under...
Landlord-tenant law spells out certain requirements for tenants. Learn the obligations tenants have under this Act.
Common Lease Clauses and Lease Riders
Learn the common residential lease clauses. Learn what additional riders you should include to supplement your lease agreement.
New Jersey Security Deposit Law
If you own rental property in New Jersey, you must follow certain security deposit laws. Learn what you can and cannot do.
The Right Way to Deduct Mileage on Your Taxes
When deducting business travel expenses on your taxes you can use the standard mileage rate or the actual automobile expenses. Here's how.
HUD FAQ's for Property Investors
The Department of Housing and Urban Development is involved in every aspect of housing in America. What is HUD? What Programs is HUD in charge of?
Winning a Security Deposit Dispute- 4 Tips
A common dispute between landlords and tenants is over the return of the security deposit. Here are four ways to resolve this issue.
5 Ways to Give Your Rental Property a Makeover
Learn how to makeover your property so that it is more appealing to potential tenants. These five simple strategies will have your property rented in no time.
Should You Buy Investment Property in...
A retirement community can make a great property investment. Learn the pros of this type of investment as well as the cons.
5 Tips for Successfully Handling Tenant...
Every landlord will have to deal with tenant complaints. Here are some tips for handling these complaints successfully.
5 Prospective Tenant Red Flags
There are certain signs that a tenant could cause problems down the line. Learn five prospective tenant red flags.
How a Plan Can Help You Succeed at Property...
Developing a plan before you invest in property will increase your chances of success in the long run. Learn some of the questions to ask yourself to help guide your plan.
Questions to Ask a Prospective Property Manager...
When searching for a property manager, if you don't ask the right questions, you can easily hire the wrong person.
What Landlords Should Know About Security...
As a landlord in the state of Pennsylvania, you must follow certain security deposit laws. Learn what you can and cannot do.
Tax Tips for Landlords- Deducting Travel Expenses
Landlords and property investors can deduct travel expenses that are related to their business on their taxes. Find out how.
5 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Countertop
There are certain things you should consider before choosing a countertop. Looking at these factors can help you make the right choice.
4 Forms of Payment Landlords Should Accept as...
There are many different ways a tenant can pay rent. However, to protect yourself, you should only accept certain forms of payment.
6 Property Maintenance Tips That Can Save...
As a landlord, performing regular property maintenance can help save you money. Here are six tips to help you catch a small problem before it turns into a large expense.
Maintaining Property- 6 Legal Responsibilities...
Landlord-tenant law spells out a landlord's obligations. Learn what the responsibility to maintain the premises entails.
List of Security Deposit Laws by State
Every state has specific landlord-tenant laws. Learn the security deposit rules landlords must abide by in your state.
The Basics of Texas' Security Deposit Law
If you own rental property in Texas, you must follow certain laws relating to the security deposit. Learn what you can and cannot do.
7 Things Protected by the Fair Housing Act
The Fair Housing Act was established to prohibit discrimination in housing. As a landlord, you need to understand,
Security Deposit Limits by State
Each state has different rules regarding how much you can charge for a security deposits. Learn the security deposit limit in your state.
What Every Landlord Should Know About Lead Paint
Landlords and property owners must follow specific rules and provide certain forms regarding the disclosure of lead paint on their property.
Use This Simple Form as a Security Deposit...
When you receive a security deposit from a tenant it is a good idea to send them a receipt, stating that you received the deposit.
5 Signs Your Property May Have a Termite Problem
Termites may be small, but they do leave certain signs. Learn five things to look for when inspecting your property for termites.
Blockbusting is an illegal housing practice. Real estate agents or property developers persuade homeowners to sell their homes by convincing them that minorities are moving in and will decrease their homes value.
Should the Landlord Pay for Utilities?
Including utilities in a tenant's rent has its pros and cons. Learn the positives and the negatives when a landlord is paying for the utilities.
Security Deposit Laws- From Collecting to...
This guide will give you a complete understanding of the security deposit. Learn the basics, the rules and how to handle a dispute.
Learn What Day of the Month to Collect Rent...
Collecting rent from tenants is easier if you collect rent on the same day each month. Learn additional tips on when to collect rent.
15 Ways to Boost Your Property's Value
There are many different tips for increasing the value of your property. Learn 15 ways you can boost the value of your investment.
Is It Legal to Evict a Tenant Yourself?
When a tenant has violated their lease agreement, a landlord may try to perform a self-help eviction. Attempting this could get you in legal trouble.
Testing for Radon During a Home Inspection
When buying property, you are allowed to conduct a variety of home inspections. Learn what the radon home inspection clause entails.
What Are Quiet Hours for Tenants?
A quiet hours policy can help reduce noise in your rental property. Learn what this policy involves and view a sample quiet hours lease clause.
3 Times a Landlord Could Be Responsible if a...
Many landlords are afraid they could be held liable if a tenant’s dog bites someone. Learn when you could be held responsible.
2 Types of Records Landlords Should Keep for...
Do you ask yourself, 'What records should I keep for taxes?' Learn the right records to keep to make filing your taxes easier.
How to Purchase a Foreclosed Property at a...
Sheriff's sales can allow lenders to recoup losses on foreclosed properties. Here are the rules of purchasing a property at a sheriff's sale.
9 Ways You Can Keep Bed Bugs Out of Your Home
There are ways you can prevent bed bugs from becoming a problem in your property. Here are nine tips to help prevent a bed bug infestation.
Who Is an Owner-Occupant?
An owner occupied property is one where the owner of the property also calls the property home. They live in the property as their main residence.
The Basics of Virginia's Security Deposit Law
Landlords must follow the laws set up by the state of Virginia regarding security deposits. Learn what landlords can and cannot do.
How Does the Fair Housing Act Protect the...
The Fair Housing Act protects certain classes, including the disabled, against discrimination in housing related activities. It is important to know what the housing rights for the disabled are so you can provide them with an equal opportunity to live in your property and avoid being charged with discrimination.
Should You Buy Investment Property in a College...
A college town offers many property investing options, but is it the right for you? Learn the pros and cons of investing in college towns.
Types of Insurance for Landlords and Property...
Having the proper insurance is vital for landlords and property investors. The right insurance is a hedge against large losses and financial havoc.
5 Ways to Get a Tenant to Renew Their Lease
If you want your tenants to stay for a long time, you have to keep them happy. Learn five things that will make a tenant renew their lease.
Can You Make Security Deposit Deductions for...
You cannot keep a tenant's security deposit for normal wear and tear. Find out what normal wear and tear is.
The Pros and Cons of Flipping a Property
Flipping a property is a popular type of short-term real estate investment. Here are the pros and cons of this strategy.
Pros and Cons of Sheriff's Sales
There are advantages and disadvantages to buying foreclosures at auction. Learn the pros and cons of sheriff's sales.
Illinois Security Deposit Law
If you own rental property in Illinois, you must follow certain security deposit laws. Learn what you can and cannot do.
The Basics of the Security Deposit in Washington
Rental property owners in Washington must follow specific security deposit laws. Learn what you should always do and what you must never do.
Who Is Protected From Housing Discrimination in...
Seven classes are protected from housing discrimination by the Fair Housing Act. Learn what additional groups are protected in each state.
4 Reasons to Document Condition of Rental Unit
The condition of a rental unit should be documented before a tenant moves in and after a tenant moves out. Learn why this is important.
Learn What an Eviction Is
An eviction is the legal removal of a tenant from a rental property.
8 Records to Keep on Prospective Tenants
Landlords should keep records on prospective tenants. This information is important for comparison purposes and housing discrimination.
How to Protect Your Right to the Security Deposit
Landlords, learn how to protect the portion of the security deposit you are entitled to. Here are the right steps to take.
What Is a Certificate of Occupancy, Who Needs...
Many towns require a property to have a certificate of occupancy. Learn what a CO is and the three main purposes it serves.
Is There a Limit for Home Office Deductions?
Will you be able to deduct all of your home office expenses? Learn if you may be subject to a deduction limit.
7 Times a Property Is Considered Distressed
Distressed properties can often be bought at steep discounts. Here are seven types of situations that can cause distress in real estate.
The Best Flooring Options for Each Room in Your...
Investment properties may have different flooring needs than owner occupied homes. Learn how to choose the best flooring options.
6 Steps for Placing a 'For Rent' Ad in the...
The classified section of the newspaper is a great place to advertise your rental. Here's how to place the ad.
Pros and Cons of Countertop Materials
There are many materials to choose from when selecting a counter. Learn the pros and cons of each so you can make an educated decision.
Qualifying Standards- Requirements All Tenants...
Landlords should have qualifying standards for all prospective tenants. These lawful standards can help you find good tenants for your rental.
The Basics of the Security Deposit in Colorado
It is important for Colorado landlords to follow the statewide security deposit law. Here are some of the most frequent questions.
Pros and Cons of Property Investing in Urban...
Buying investment property in urban areas has its pros and cons. Here is the good and bad of buying property in the city.
The Roles of a Landlord
It is hard to define a landlord because landlords do so many different things. Learn some of the roles a landlord takes on.
Evicting a Tenant Out of Spite
When evicting a tenant, you must follow the proper legal procedures. Retaliatory evictions are illegal. Here are some examples why.
The Basics of Nevada's Security Deposit Law
As a landlord in the state of Nevada, you must follow certain security deposit laws. Learn what you must do and what you can never do.
Georgia Security Deposit Law
As a landlord in Georgia, you must follow certain laws relating to the security deposit. Learn what you can and cannot do.
Afraid of Freezing Pipes?- 6 Easy Ways to Stop...
Keeping your pipes warm when it gets cold outside can prevent a disaster. Here are six easy ways you can stop them from freezing.
8 Steps to Successfully Handle a Tenant...
Maintenance issues are no fun for either landlords or tenants. Here are eight steps to make dealing with them as a landlord easier.
Massachusetts Security Deposit Law
If you own rental property in Massachusetts, you must follow certain security deposit laws. Learn what you can and cannot do.
What to Do When Tenants Complain About Fido
A common tenant complaint involves pets. Here are the steps you should take when handling these tenant complaints about pets.
8 Frequently Asked Questions About Fair Housing...
Families are a class protected by the Fair Housing Act. Learn who is protected and what actions are considered discrimination.
What Are Termite Inspectors Looking For?
It is a good idea to hire a termite inspector before buying a property. They know what signs to look for.

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